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    Home - Capabilities - Mold Manufacturing

    Hongyan precision mold has 80 staff specialized in mold manufacturing. The high performance injection molds created by HY blend Craftsmanship with Technology. The implementation of advanced machining and manufacturing techniques allows HY to produce all mold components in the shortest time.

    • Capacities.
      • Plate Machining: 1200 mm wide x 1500 mm long.
      • Mold Handling Weight: Crane capacity to 10 Ton.
      • Average molds per month : ~30 molds.
      • Annual Mold Production: ~300 molds.
      • Normal Design and Build Delivery Time: 5 – 10 weeks.
    • Mold Types.
      • Hot runner mold.
      • 2K mold.
      • overmolding-mold.
      • insert mold.
    • Tolerances.
      • Plates and Moldbase Components: ± 0.02mm
      • Inserts: ± 0.01 mm or closer

    Mold making process